Carlany IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Review (Best at-home IPL Hair removal Handset?)

Carlany is an at-home hair removal IPL handset. Affordable and efficient, Carlany IPL machine uses intense Pulse light to target hair follicles. After a few treatments, the results are visible.

Imagine living a life without razors, waxing, and threading? What a life would that be?

You can wear anything you want without worrying about body hair. No need to shave your legs every day just because your hair growth is just crazy, and the hair grows right back just in a day. IPL or Laser hair removal can do all of these things for you. If you are finicky about your body hair, then at some point you must have thought to make an appointment at a salon or clinic to be done with annoying body hair permanently. But the big fat price tag of professional laser treatment is the largest hurdle in the way of that hair free and carefree life, right? Not any more, ladies. At-home hair removal treatments are getting widely popular because of the multiple benefits they offer, such as affordability, permanent hair removal, and ease of use. The market is bombarded with different types of IPL Laser hair removal machines, and it is a difficult task to choose the best one. In this Carlany hair removal reviews, we are going to discuss everything about this popular IPL hair removal machine that is recommended by many people. So let’s get on with it.

What is the Carlany Hair Removal Machine?

Carlany IPL handset is an at-home laser removal system. You can easily get rid of unwanted and ingrown body hair permanently by taking the IPL treatment for 12 weeks. This machine uses IPL technology to get rid of hair. Unlike razors and waxing, Carlany hair removal is literally painless, just a pinch here and there and nothing more than that. The great thing about Carlany hair removal products is that the full body treatment takes only 8 minutes, and you can use it on any part even the face. Whether it’s Brazilian, legs, underarms, or arms, Carlany works seamlessly and provide you with a smooth and hairless existence right from the comfort of your home. You need to get the treatment weekly in a regular manner for the best results. It is recommended to take the full 12 weeks of treatment to see the actual results. Many people using Carlany have started to see the results within 3-4 weeks. You will see a major decrease in body hair once you are done with the full treatment, according to the official Carlany website. This device comes with 999,999 flashes and lasts for 20 plus long years if you use it according to the instructions. Carlany is a beautifully designed, sleek machine that is easy to grab and use. It is pretty safe and doesn’t burn the skin if you follow the directions.

What is the Difference between IPL and Laser?

Here, I would like to clear one thing: Carlany hair removal is not laser hair removal but uses IPL technology. Oftentimes both are confused together. It’s important to understand the difference between both methods. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Both lasers and IPL are different types of light. IPL is a broadband pulse light, and it targets the surrounding skin along with the hair follicle. Whereas the laser light is monochromatic light that is solely focused on the hair follicle and so the results are much faster as the follicle gets damaged permanently. Both types of lights work in their own fashion to damage the hair follicle. IPL is restricted to few skin tones, and it won’t work on darker skin tone or on blonde hair. While Laser treatment can get rid of any type of hair on any skin type.

Features of Carlany Hair Removal

  1. Super-long lifespan 999,999 shots
  2. Uses IPL technology to stop hair growth
  3. Painless and Ice cooling hair removal
  4. Visible decrease in hair growth after 3-4 weeks
  5. 6 energy levels, High effective energy 8-18J
  6. Fast flashing 0.5s/shot, Sliding and Stamp operation, works on all body parts including face


How to use this machine?

In order to get maximum results, kindly follow the directions below.

  1. First, shave your hair and do not apply any kind of product on the skin.
  2. Turn on the device
  3. Carlany comes with 6 energy levels. Depending upon the hair type, choose your desired energy level.
  4. Push down the large button on the front and place it against the skin
  5. Gide it along your treatment area. Wait for the pulse light and the move on to the next patch until the whole treatment area is complete.
  6. Repeat every week until 12 weeks.


  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • Big high-tech touch screen, easy to use
  • Affordable compared to clinical laser treatments
  • Changeable magnetic lamp, anti-aging and skin rejuvenating properties


  • Not suitable for darker skin tones
  • Not suitable for blonde hair

Wrap up

As you can see, Carlany hair removal handset looks like a promising machine with great results. Who wouldn’t want a hairless body without going to the salon or taking highly expensive laser treatments? So investing in a Carlany hair removal machine totally depends on you. We found mixed reviews on the internet. You should do your research before purchasing this product.

If you are already using this machine, kindly let us know about your opinion in the comments below.

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