Carlany Blackhead Remover Vacuum

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  • HOT &COLD SENSE CARE — 2020 upgraded blackhead remover feature hot cold compress. Using hot massage to open pores and make it easier to suck out the blackheads first, then using cold compress to shrink the pores after removing. Ideal for everyone’s daily skin care!
  • POWERFUL VACUUM SUCTION TECH — Blackhead remover pore vacuum with 5 adjustable suction levels, the range is 30-70 KPA, effectively remove stubborn
    blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and makeup residues, smooth wrinkles and tighten skin. Lets each experiences the self-confidence, beauty that Aonesy blackhead remover brings to.
  • DESIGN FOR All SKIN TYPES — blackhead remover vacuum has 5 replaceable probe heads for different skin conditions: Cleans up blackhead, removes dirt grease, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin. You can enjoy professional SPA skin care at home.
  • VISUAL LCD DISPLAY — Clearly monitor working mode, battery level, suction strength and massage temperature, help you easily using your electric blackhead suction remover, clean your skin safely with good effect.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE &1200mAh — No need to replace battery, USB charging makes everything easier. Carlany blackhead remover pore cleaner features 1200mAh battery capacity, providing stronger suction and battery life than other brands.


3-in-1 Ultra Quiet Blackhead Remover Vacuum

Use Carlany blackhead vacuum cleaner with hot & cold vacuum technology and powerful suction to suck out the dirt in the pores, remove acne and blackheads in 3 steps, make your face clean and smooth. Regaining beauty and confidence!




Hot Sense Care

Washed the face with hot napkin first, then use the
bottom of the blackhead remover vacuum to warm up
your skin to open up your pores.

Deep Cleaning

Just try to keep moving along how the skin is shaped
around the face instead of leaving the vacuum in the
same area.
Blackhead remover vacuum will pull out your white
heads + blackheads successfully and left you with
clear skin.

Cold Compress

Cold massages to shrink pores, soothen skin, relief
pain and eliminate swelling.
Blackhead remover vacuum helps pores heal after your
cleaning black and white head.

Fits Various Skin Types for Women and Men

Facial pore cleanser vacuum features 5 adjustable suction level which is poweful suction. You can adjust different suction level to clean your face. Great for every parts of the face for blood circulation.

Hot & Cold Massages

Hot massages to open pores, clean up
the blockage of the pore surface and
improve blood circulation.
Cold massages to shrink pores, soothes
skin, relief pain and eliminate

USB Rechargeable 1200MHA Battery

60mins fast USB charging for 150mins
continuous use,make it convenient to
use on the go without worrying about
the low battery.

Visual LED Display

Hot & cold compress temperature,
battery allowance and suction level
at a glance.
It is significant for the skin in
such a precise way.

Low Noise Design

The operating noise of pore vacuum
cleaner is less than 40db. allow you
to use a blackhead remover vacuum
wherever you are in homes day or
night. You have found the secret of
eternal youth.

How to Use & Clean & Insert



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